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Bringing Unique Action to Brands



The Planet Action Films team have been involved with all of these productions as directors, writers, designers, producers, choreographers, co-ordinators or performers.
An exciting new stellar destination for brands and advertising agencies who are looking to create inspiring, memorable, adrenalin rich, high octane action Television commercials, Product videos, TV Idents, Motion capture animations and more.
Storytelling with unrivalled original action design and production, Planet Action can offer a through the line service to create cinema style, Hollywood Blockbuster level action and stunts to produce brand films with genuine differential.
Everyone loves Action. Fast cars and bikes, falls, fights, explosions, parkour, athletic feats of brilliance, the realism and the fantasy, brought together with a purpose of telling a story, feeding an emotion and staying true to a proposition.
Access to top action talent across the board, the latest animation technology, special effects, model makers, DOP, camera and drone operators. Planet Action Films can deliver a single source of innovation and creation for your next action packed production.
A combined 50 years within the direction team from athletic and performance skills, brand and campaign development, creative direction, action design, choreography, production and direction.
We know brands. We know action. This potent mix of marketing nous and movie industry experience can now help to take TV commercials and a brands visual impact to new levels.



Concept Development



Action Design

Choreography Development

Stunt Co-ordination



Risk Assessments

Rigging and Aerial

Automotive Action

Live Events/Physical Action



Talent Casting

Action Department

25 Years

In Development

The direction team’s career paths took them on journeys through well known advertising agencies, like BMP Countrywide, McCann & Rave Communications, then Performance Coaching, Action Performing and Choreography. All that combined with a 20 year career in major feature films, with experience in the US, Australia and the booming UK film industry.
The Matrix, Batman Begins, James Bond, Harry Potter, Kingsman, Transformers and recent commercials for Mobile Strike with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lloyds Bank and Ford.
The formation of Planet Action Films, just made sense. And with all the combined experience and expertise, there ain’t no place like it!



The Grand Tour

Lloyds Bank

Ford (Brazil)

Shadow of War

Transformers: The Last Knight

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Beauty & The Beast

Mobile Strike

Cadburys Olympic Idents

Dawn of Titans Trailer


and More..



Our vision is to work with advertising and marketing agencies, their clients and brands to create original and memorable action orientated film and animation projects to enhance brand perceptions, to create product desire, to capture the imagination and motivate interest and enquiry.
Our approach is one of collaboration, we know the importance of brand values, staying on-message and nailing a proposition! Those 10 words or less that can offer insight and clarity into key positioning and are the essence of any end production.
Working with creative teams, our mission, having chosen to accept it, is to add value, produce original ideas and cinematic, high-end action in all it’s forms to your production or campaign.



Action design is all about making the impossible believable, making the believable super real. It’s about getting it right. Communicating the right message, in the right tone for a target audience.
Keeping it safe, whilst keeping people on the edge of their seats. Making people ask ‘How did they do that?’ It’s inspiration and imagination, combined with the latest technology, Drone, MoCap, VFX, SFX, and animations.
It’s camera technology, a creative eye combined with an ability to direct the story and have the brand, product and its representatives at it’s heart and as it’s heroes.
We could go on, but in fact, there’s too much to mention and action does speak louder than words.
So let us show you how we can bring cinematic level action design, stunts and creativity to your next car commercial, brand advertisement, TV Ident or action based project.



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The Planet Action team have been involved with all of these productions as either directors, writers, designers, producers, choreographers, co-ordinators or performers